NeedsList is a real-time needs registry for disaster relief and humanitarian aid. Our platform aggregates needs from vetted nonprofits, matching them with corporate resources to increase the speed, efficiency, and transparency of crisis response.


Why NeedsList?


In times of humanitarian crisis or natural disaster, it's hard to know what supplies and human resources are needed on the ground. Two of the biggest obstacles to businesses and government efficiently meeting needs are a) the lack of a simple tool for groups to communicate needs from the ground up in real time; and b) the absence of any form of aggregated real-time data for these needs.

For nonprofits, NeedsList provides a platform that enables them to:

  • communicate their supply and volunteer needs in real-time.
  • know who else is doing what, where. 
  • get their needs met by corporate donors committed to their cause.
  • reduce their risk and stay accountable by tracking value of volunteer hours and in-kind supply needs. 

For enterprises, NeedsList offers a platform that empowers them to:

  • help when they don’t know how. 
  • provide their workforce with authentic corporate citizenship. 
  • have access to vetted local organizations
  • use easy, targeted tools to track engagement.

 What's Important To Us

  • We support collaboration in local communities. As natural connectors, we are facilitating relationships not just between corporate donors and NGOs but among NGOs, with suppliers, and other stakeholders.

  • We provide organizations on the ground with online tools make their work easier and metrics to demonstrate their impact.

  • We are providing enterprises who care about innovating crisis response with direct access to opportunities to help local communities worldwide.