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Each week, we use these donations to purchase items that are critically needed by our partners. 50% are deployed immediately and the remainder set aside for the essential work of disaster preparedness.


- Over $1500 equivalent of DAI has been committed to Urgent Needs campaign of the Hurricane Relief in the US. Half of this is set aside for disaster preparedness, the other half purchased went to the purchasing baby formula and diapers for Catholic Charities in Raleigh.

All donations to our Urgent Needs Campaign for October will be used for Hurricane Michael & Florence disaster relief. We're currently in the process of onboarding relief organizations and will post updates here. 

You can donate via the following ways

logoProject Bifrost, a ConsenSys Partnership, leverages a stable Crypto-to-Cash Solution
to create an instantaneous, reliable and transparent process for humanitarian aid
donation and delivery. 100% of donations in Dai are used to purchase supplies.
To learn more about how to buy Dai, or about Project Bifrost, go here.

Donate directly with ethereum: 0xe3856fbf298f539b6585224ece523488bfb9f82c

For donors seeking U.S. Charitable tax deduction, NeedsList is a U.S. Public Benefit Corporation. We have partnered with IPA, the Innovation & Planning Agency for this fund, meaning that your donations are tax-deductible. 95% of these donations will go to purchasing urgently needed supplies.

By Check: Please make checks out to the IPA USA (please write NeedsList in the memo) at 4720 Center Blvd Suite 327, Long Island City, NY 11109

You can also donate using your Fidelity Charitable Giving Fund by directing funds to the Innovation and Planning Agency.