NeedsList gives the private sector a key opportunity to disrupt the humanitarian aid industry, joining our leading enterprise partners TripAdvisor and WeWork. 

Why partner with NeedsList?

  • You will confidently be able to engage your employees and customers in immediate contributions to real needs on the ground. Millennials alone represent an estimated 75% of the workforce and increased customer base by 2025, and increasingly demand their employers and consumption habits align with socially-responsible value systems around disruptions in climate change and refugee response.
  • You will play an even greater role in filling the growing gap of needs by displaced communities. Despite $7 billion from private actors and $20 billion from the public sector by end 2017, there was still an $11 billion resource gap. 
  • You don't have to hire consultants or in-house staff to source your social investments. As of October 2018, we have partnerships with over 150 local, vetted NGOs working with communities displaced by disaster and conflict in over 12 countries.
  • You - and your employees and customers - know where your money is going. Up to 2/3 of traditional donations are wasted because they're not what's needed, arrive too late, or go to overhead costs. By partnering on the ground with local, first-responders, we (1) know exactly what is needed, and (2) work through local distribution channels to get supplies to communities as quickly as possible. 

How does it work? 

We can explore creative ways to meet your company's needs. We can focus on themes that resonate with you and your employee or customer base, like urgent response to Hurricane Michael and Florence, Winterization Needs for Refugees in Greece, an employee volunteer engagement campaign for World Refugee Awareness Month, or a dynamic cross-section of urgent needs from around the world. Some ways that have transformed our partners' impact include:

  • Company Branded NeedsList highlighting your donation and/or employee + customer engagement options (supplies & volunteerism). 
  • Gift Cards for your employees or customers to 'buy' urgent needs on our platform. 
  • Highlighting community needs to leverage your core skills as a shared economy service provider or supplier. 

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A special thanks to the following companies for supporting innovation in humanitarian aid:

Our enterprise partners offer support with their talent, products, and services through customized 'NeedsLists'
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