Copywriting Help for Women Focused NGO in UK

3 out of 8 hours filled

About this need

About us:

We bring together migrant and British women for language practice and social integration.

About the project:

Copy-writing for our website, participant pack, and flyer. We would love support from a skilled copywriter in making sure that what we offer is explained in a really accessible, succinct and welcoming way!


A google doc with rewritten/updated text from our website. 

Time commitment:

8 hours

To get started:

1. Claim this need by entering your name, email address, and how many hours you can volunteer out of the total. 

2. Then, please take a look at our current website, and place all suggested edits in this document

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Skill: Communications/Marketing

Time Commitment: 8hrs

Group: Xenia
The quantity of hours you can volunteer. 1 and a half hours would be 1.50
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