AMURTEL Food Distribution Program for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers in Athens

$370.00 out of $500.00 donated

Here at AMURTEL Greece, we provide up to 600 midwife appointments and infant feeding consultations per month. We also run a small distribution for diapers, infant clothing, underwear, and supplemental food packages for the mothers in our program. We have been providing food packages to ~200 pregnant or breastfeeding women each month, a small monthly supplement of foods rich in protein to help them get the nutrition they so desperately need. We have unfortunately run very low of our supply of these food packages. We have a bulk supplier and we order items every month. We need your help to continue! All the money raised will be spent on lentils, rice, almonds, mixed nuts, chick peas, and dried fruit. We're a relatively small group and all the donations go directly to the work. After a year in the camps, we have now been operating since September 2016 in a mother and babies center in downtown Athens. In this area many refugees are accommodated in apartments, squats and hotels but our center is also within reach from the camps. Every day, pregnant and lactating mothers come to us with their babies to find midwifery care but also support and joy. The situation is changing as time goes on but the needs of pregnant women and mothers with babies remains the same. And it always will. Women and mothers are very vulnerable and greatly affected by the deprivations they live with, but they are also strong and their strength and graciousness is amazing to watch. You can stay in touch with us on our Facebook page: or on our website, Thank you so much for your help, and please spread the word!

Amount requested: $500.00