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Reuniting Rifaat, a Palestinian Refugee in Belgium, with his wife and children

$ out of $656.00 donated

Hello, I am Rifaat, I am Palestinian and have been living in Belgium for 3,5 years. I was living in Lebanon with my family, my wife and 4 children, but I needed to leave Lebanon and my family because we were undocumented and because of my beliefs. We had a difficult time living in this situation. I met Caritas and thank them for helping me and my family. They informed about the possibility to ask Miles4Migrants to help with the plane tickets. I want to thank everyone who contributed to our reunion and brought happiness back to us. Greetings, Rifaat

Rifaat, reunited with his wife and kids after over 3 years apart

Note: we already reunited Rifaat with his family a week and a half ago. If you are donating to this campaign you are backfilling our expense for the plane tickets

Amount requested: $656.00
Due date: 2019-01-02