Corporate Partners to Hire Refugees in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Chile

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At the Scalabrini International Migration Network, we are looking for corporate partners throughout South America to assist with our skill certification programs and to assist with employment training, job placement programs, and hiring migrants who graduate our programs in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Chile.

SIMN's most important programs revolve around skills training and job placement. Meeting local market demand, Scalabrini migrant centers offer classes on sewing, cooking, mechanics, computer technology, and other valuable areas. SIMN works directly with business partners to identify the skills they need and hire migrants, like in Cucuta, Colombia, where nearly 70% of graduates--mostly Venezuelans--find jobs (impressive given the city's 20% unemployment rate and near total lack of industry). SIMN's work in Brazil and Chile is especially strong. In Santiago, 5,000 refugees and migrants receive employment training every year and more than 1,500 are placed in jobs. In Mexico City, the Scalabrinians collaborate with Cysco Systems and Microsoft. SIMN also supports entrepreneurship and the creation of small businesses. This work is often done in concert with local and/or national governments. 

Despite its incredible success, SIMN's employment and entrepreneurship program in Latin America is overwhelmed. The Venezuelan refugee crisis has put enormous stress on the region. Venezuelans are desperate for work in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Chile. SIMN is now looking for new corporate partners to meet growing demand. If you are interested, please send us a message below.

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