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Pledge to Fund New Migrant Center in Cúcuta, Colombia

$350.00 out of $100000.00 donated

Due to the massive influx of Venezuelan refugees into Colombia, we are looking for support to build a new, full-service migrant center in Cucuta on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. This Integrated Migrant Care Center (CIAMI), located near Simon Bolivar International Bridge, will provide food and shelter to 250 Venezuelan refugees and Colombian returnees--Colombian refugees returning from Venezuela--every day, in addition to psychological counseling, medical care, legal assistance, vocational training, and job placement. Women, especially pregnant women, children, families, older persons, and persons with disabilities will have priority. We already run the only shelter for Venezuelans in Cucuta. This would become the second. 

If you are interested in learning more, please message us below.

womenCasa new center

Amount requested: $100,000.00
Due date: 2019-06-30