The Rainmaker Enterprise: Soil Moisture Sensors for Sustainable Water Management for Agriculture

$1870.00 out of $8700.00 donated

Description of the Devices: 

  • Soil moisture sensors are devices that are buried into the ground near the crop field which measure the amount of water being held in the soil for the crops to use.
  • The sensors we are looking to employ have additional measurement tools that collect other parameters including: amount of rainfall, air temperature, and air humidity. These parameters are important aspects of a plant’s success or failure. These sensors are also solar powered and able to communicate with local data loggers for continuous monitoring and data collection



Main Purpose: 

  • Save water, time and money, optimize irrigation and improve productivity on our 40-acre farm improving food security in central South Sudan
  • Measure the soil moisture content, amount of rainfall, air temperature, and humidity of our crops to increase water use efficiency and maximize yield
  • Different types of crops require certain ranges for the parameters listed above to grow. Continuously monitoring this data for our crops in our specific field will ensure we meet the recommended ranges to neither under-water, nor over-water our crops





Additional Benefits:

  • Our soil moisture content data can be compared to our water use and yield to contribute to the global research of how to minimize the amount of water required to successfully grow the crop in the specific environmental context


  • USD 8,700 - equipment (sensors + weather station + remote control irrigation valve) and shipping for 40 acres of land (minimum viable) 
  • Supplier: Revotree 

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Amount requested: $8,700.00
Due date: 2019-06-30