Donate Airline Miles to Reunite Separated Families at the U.S. Border and Around the World

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Miles4Migrants uses donated airline miles and points to provide free airplane tickets to reunite those who have been legally approved by the receiving country’s government to travel for migration and/or family reunification purposes but have financial needs that prevent them from purchasing airfare themselves.





Who Do We Help?


While many other 501(c)(3) non-profits focus singularly on domestic U.S. "zero tolerance" cases, or on international refugees, Miles4Migrants is committed to supporting separated immigrant families and refugees not only in the U.S., but around the globe.   We receive the requests for flights from other non-profit charities who are working with those in need of transportation.  Those we help to reunite or reach safety have fled their countries for many reasons – and no matter the circumstance, Miles4Migrants stands ready to assist.


What Can You Do?


We cannot “pool” miles and so each donor’s pledge must support a ticket. The minimum number of miles we typically require to purchase a single ticket for a U.S. border case is 12,500, although tickets can “cost” up to 20,000 miles and more when flying international cases, and more if we are flying a family. Some airline carrier miles are used more frequently than others, and we also use certain credit card program points to purchase tickets as well.  You can read more here on our FAQ.


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