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Funding for solar-powered water pump in Tonj, South Sudan

$350.00 out of $3000.00 donated

Giving Tuesday 2019


The Rainmaker Enterprise


South Sudan has been among the hardest hit countries by climate change. Extreme drought, water scarcity and flooding are crippling food production, and costing millions their health and livelihoods.


This holiday season, we are raising funds to complete the solar-powered water infrastructure that will enable our partner community in South Sudan, where we drilled a well earlier this year, to start regenerative farming this dry season.


Meet Akor, our champion of change

This year, our team met with Akor, one of the community members in Tonj who is dealing with these immense challenges. Akor is a farmer, a mother, and a respected woman in her community. With drought causing her farm to fail last year, Akor is struggling to provide for her family everyday. As a mother, Akor is responsible for her family’s well being. When hunger hits, Akor eats least and last. She is among hundreds whose dignity has been reduced to waiting for relief aid. 


Akor seeks to use her own hands to build lasting solutions for her family. “Farming is what we’re born with, our food and livelihoods depend on it. If I had my choice, I would rather be farming.”



This holiday season, we are working hand in hand with Akor and hundreds of other women, youth and families in Tonj, South Sudan, to remove the barriers to delivering lasting health, peace and prosperity. 



We know Akor and the community holds the wisdom of generations of farming practices in their hands and hearts. She has the courage. She needs the tools.



We are currently fundraising to complete a solar-powered water pump in Tonj, where we drilled a well earlier this year that is now supplying 3,000 people with clean water! Your support will make a lasting difference! 




Amount requested: $3,000.00