1000 MicroSD cards with Asylum Rights Information (for all of Greece!)

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Access to information might just be the most precious commodity in Greece right now. As newly arrived refugees struggle to make sense of how to gain access to asylum, the volunteers at RefuComm have created animated films to teach refugees how to apply for asylum. Now they need to distribute them. 

Since there's little or no access to wifi in the camps, especially when people first arrive, they've developed an ingenious solution: micro SD cards packed with videos and information about displaced people's rights and the asylum and family reunification procedures. The information is available in languages they understand and can be accessed right from their phones. You can buy an SD card for a refugee for under $6 (just about 5€) that will be distributed within the next two weeks to new arrivals. We have distributed hundreds on Chios and on Lesvos and are now collecting for the Island of Samos, before moving on to Lesvos and Kos. We have a wonderful local supplier in Greece who gets these delivered with 48 hours of order, or even less!

We place an order as soon as we get 50 purchases so please keep this project rolling!
If you are a US donor and would like a receipt for tax purposes, just let us know.

5.50 USD/4.67 Euros

Group: RefuComm
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Samos 83100