Funding for Fresh Produce, Prenatal Care & More for Rohingya refugees

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Aid worker with children


Help us care for a community of 6,318 Rohingya refugees!

At Refugee Support Europe, we have quickly responded to the urgent needs for the Rohingya refugees at the Tumbru Camp in Bangladesh.  As at 1 Dec, there 3.251 refugees  under 18, of which 1,146 are under 5. There are also 67 pregnant women.

This community is stuck in a small stretch of No Man's Land between the borders of Bangladesh and Myanmar which makes it hard for the large agencies to help.

 But we CAN help.

We identified Tumbru camp following a thorough needs assessment and consultations with the army, border guard, government and other NGOs. We have the full backing of all these groups and most importantly with camp elder Dil Mohammed who wants our help and is asking us to focus on the children #aidwithcooperation

Because they had to flee their homes suddenly they have next to nothing. This means their needs are acute so first we are concentrating on the most important things:

- regular fresh fruit and vegetables to all 1,300 families

- pre-natal checks to 67 pregnant women
- winter clothing for the children

- child-friendly spaces so the kids can be kids

After covering these basic needs, we will introduce projects to build their resilience and self-sufficiency. 

We will be delivering our #aidwithdignity:
- We have a professional and experienced team on the ground
- We have the full co-operation of all the local actors
- This community is 4 villages who have all fled and resettled together so the social and family structures have remained largely intact

There are over 1 million Rohingya refugees in the Cox's Bazaar area who have had to flee violence from Myanmar. We can't possibly help all of them but together we can help this community.

Amount requested: $10,000.00
Due date: