Gift Cards for Chios People's Kitchen in Chios, Greece

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These items are needed for the Chios People's Kitchen, a volunteer-run and donation-funded project that has been in continuous operation since December 2015. The CPK now delivers hot meals daily to the students at Refugee Education Chios, to the unaccompanied minors at the Metadrasi shelter, and to guests at the Athena Women's Centre. The CPK also distributes dry food packs on a daily basis. These packs are distributed to refugees housed in apartments (whose monthly cash allotments for food is extremely modest and insome cases non-existent) and to the residents of Vial Camp (where the food served is practically inedible, and therefore families are desperate for food supplies that they can cook themselves.) On average, 800 packs or so are distributed monthly. Typical contents are rice, pasta, beans, chickpeas, oil, tomato sauce, sugar, and tea. 
Arrival numbers have increased with the good weather, and needs for food distribution have become really dire.